Thursday, January 17, 2008

Looking for the Divine

If you would learn
the secret
of right relations
look only for the divine
in people and things
and leave all the rest to God*

- J Allen Boone -
Kinship with all Life

I dont believe in tradition notions of 'God' - but I can believe in the workings of the Universe, in serendipity and in energy.

At this point in time I would prefer to leave it 'all' to the Universe to sort out - as old demons and new demons crawl from the abyss of the psyche and blood to revisit all manner of things best left alone - that however seemed to have been ferreted out, and tossed out in a merry Spring cleaning effort.

I read earlier either on Mystic's blog or Astro Rave about there being a feeling of finality in the air as Pluto gets ready to move into the sign of Capricorn ... and with all that's come to head here in the past 24 hours there is a certain sense of that.

There is also a sense of all this wisdom that has been gifted over this week, in the guise of quotes that all seems to make so much sense now. I understand now that I have been at the mercy of the expectations and demands of others, and as I have attempted to move away from that, into my own space and my own Truth, it has rocked the boats of those around me. When you shift energy, it shifts not just for yourself but those that you are connected with. As Newton said 'For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction' ... and I've come to see and experience that all to clearly in the past day. Change is just change - its only a loss when those close to you want to keep the status quo alive and kicking - only then is change a loss.

I have had my Truth tossed into the firey forge and it has emerged shaken, but still in tact. I'm amazed at my ability to remain grounded in the maelstrom and to continue to believe in my words, my story and my conviction to share both. I can understand now why it is so difficult to stand up and tell your Truth - especially when it is closely woven with those of your family or your friends. When you stand to tell your truth you cannot help but tell their stories too - and not everyone wants to have their stories told. So pressure grows to keep everyone happy, to perpetuate the silence so no one is hurt, no one is angry and the status quo remains. When you supress your Truth to keep others happy part of you dies inside and its a slow, painful and miserable death - a cancer of dishonesty to yourself, until one day you wake up and you can't remember who you are any more. Someone in amongst the pressure to supress, you have to honour your own story - find a middle road some how .. to find Temperance - balance! This is my challenge now.

It makes me more adament and more passionate about continuing to share my story - to continue to hone my Truth and share it. The more woman who stand and share their stories, who stand in their Truth and be glorious, to be in their own authentic skins, the more women will be inspired to stand too and share their stories, to find their Truths. And when women do this, we'll all be fighting against the Shadows that strive to keep women silent - because women are their own worst enemies.
More Remedios Varo - this time "The Calling" or "One Who is called" - upon doing a little research I discovered that we share a birthday - though with her passing in 1963 we were never alive in the same year to celebrate. I'm not suprised that I was drawn to her artwork now.

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Square1 said...

The last sentence in this is powerful, and I can't agree more. Keep being authentic lady. I have more respect for someone who is authentically themselves, than I have for just about anyone else. At least you know where you stand with an authentic person, even if you do not always agree with what they have to say.