Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wishes for a New Moon: Capricorn

  • I want to consciously and easily use time to my best advantage

  • I want to easily find myself demonstrating my competency in fiction and non fiction writing

  • I want to be filled with confidence and self discipline, successfully reaching my goal of being a published writer.

  • I want total clarity in setting appropriate goals that lead to success in the area I desire.

  • I want to easily find myself recognising and utilising opportunities when they arise

  • I want to easily find myself filled with the right ideas leading to success in the area of writing

  • I want to easily find myself seeing life in a way that bringsjoy.

  • I want to easily find myself managing my time in a way that allows plenty of time for work, play and family.

  • I want to easily find myself filled with optimism and faith, pursuing directions that make me feel free.

Themes for the current Capricorn new moon:

future security

handling responsibility

reaching goals

success and recognition

management skills

authority figures

releasing controlling tendencies

Jan Spiller, author of New Moon Astrology (where this information and the above wishes is derived) suggests casting or making your wishes within eight hours of the new moon, for best affect, but at any time during the 48 hours past the new moon (unless the moon goes void of course). She also suggests making more than one wish, but no more than ten. The last two points she suggests are that they wishes must always be handwritten (I have a special diary that they are written n) and that you go with your gut feeling on the wishes - I guess without the aid of the book it opens you to go with your intuition for what you want to wish for based on the above themes.

I've been doing this since May last year, and find that it helps to chart my course, by best harnessing the energy present at the beginning of each month. It's not surprising I guess that a lot of my wishes are focused on writing - seeings this is the major aspect of my life that I want to nurture and develop in the coming year. It also seems to bring together what is going on in my life at the time, and synthesizing it into a positive format with which to work with.

At the end of my little writing ritual I always go to my Goddess pack and draw two cards - the top and the bottom cards to see the energy that I have to work with to allow the wishes to materialise ... and as always there is a definite synergy between the cards at the wishes. I got a new pack of Goddess cards for Christmas, so this was their first trip out for the lunar wishes.

This month I drew on the top (which I refer to as the conscious, or what is definitely 'on top' for me in my life at the moment) Nu Kua, who is a Chinese goddess who embodies "Order". With all the reordering that has been going on - this was no surprise. Her wisdom to me:

"Now is the time to nurture yourself with order that assists rather than chockes your life force ... when life is ordered in a natural way, you nurture your path to wholeness."

The bottom card (which I refer to as the unconscious, what is rising to the surface to be understood or acknowledged or is passing and becoming incorporated into life ... and the two cards always seem to work together - often what is on the top one month, is on the bottom the next month) Gyhldeptis is a North American Goddess who embodies 'Synthesis". Her wisdom to me:

"This is the time to find the common thread that will serve your needs in the best way ... wholeness is created when all the parts are honoured and listened to."

More musings on this beautiful Goddess wisdom later. And a Happy New Moon and astrological/lunar year to everyone.

Artwork: "To Be Born" by Remedios Varo, Sagittarian Surrealist ... painting came through with my AstroRave this morning and seemed quite fitting, not to mention beautiful.


d sinclair said...

beautiful post Jodi.

I love your goddess card images - which deck are you using??

I was given the Kris Waldherr "Goddess Inspiration Oracle" for Christmas and have found it very inspiring indeed.

Today's was 'Zhinu, Weaving Woman of Heaven'. I'm about to incorporate something about the Milky Way and introduce my Old Mother Bone Maker to the Hava story.

I'm loving this new moon energy... she may be 'void' but not for me - aspects galore today.

Today I bought tee shirts to experiment with screen printing - I go to get the screen print set up tomorrow... yay!

d xx

Jodi Cleghorn said...

I'm using the Goddess Oracle cards by Amy Sopia Marashinsky. The theme tends to be wisdom to bring your back to wholeness - which I thought odd when I first opened them (as they are very different to my Doreen Virtue Goddess pack) - but I'm really getting it now ... and this was obviously what I wanted. Still hanging onto that thread (common theme?) of seeking my truth and perhaps that will come through finding wholeness within and beyond my self.

I've been having thought on Old Mother Bone Maker - strangely enough can't keep her out of my thoughts. So on that note - popping over to your place ... so try and air some of those thoughts that have been tumbling through my head.

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