Monday, January 7, 2008

Marvellous Monday

Mondays can be a little hit and miss - even when you're not having to front up to work (mind you when you're a full time Mum - every day is about fronting up to work I guess - but I digress)

This morning, true to my committment to enjoy a morning walk each day - the alarm went off (thanks to Dave who had already been woken by it and bought it through into Dylan's room to go off a second time - as I'd fallen asleep in there last night after taking Dylan to the toilet!) The rain held off, the humidity was still low and the earth smelt and felt like it had just been reborn.

Turning the computer on once I'd got back, had a swim and Dave had gone to work, I discovered that The Fanciful Muse had thrown the blog roll spotlight onto me ... which I felt was a great honour. It made my morning ... but wait ... it got even better.

I saw the Australia Post van pull up out the front of the next door neighbours while I was trolling my favourite blogs and didn't think for a second that there would be something in the mail box when I went out later on. Piling Dylan into the car, with completed shopping list in hand and bundle of Eco Silk bags tucked away for the excursion to the supermarket - I noticed something sticking out of the post box.

Low and behold there was a parcel for me and not recognising the writing, turned it over to discover it was from my very dear writing friend Dan ... and inside were the most amazing pressies - a gorgeous hand sewn monkey named 'Mabel" who apparently wanted to be here with us ... and a pack of crystal oracle cards. I felt very very blessed indeed and felt a little like some of the ephemeral contributions to karma that I have been putting out there to the universe for at least the past three years are coming back to roost in a far more tangible form.

And Dan is back blogging again - which i s exciting for me. Not only do I learn something new every time I read one of her entries, each piece of writing sparks off any number of my own musings on my own soul journey. More reasons to feel very blessed and loved.

Then to top it all off, I finally cleared out my old workspace - and I mean totally cleared out. My creative alcove in the making is currently bare and awaiting a thorough cleansing and smudging. This was a major effort, because once the top of the desk was cleaned, boxes filled temporarily - I discovered that there were two big boxes that had been pushed underneath. So I set about the task of going through each of them a tossing out a whole heap of stuff - uni notes etc that had been sitting in said box since it was packed more than four years ago. It felt good to be ruthless (as I'm normally sit with the side of caution, keeping and hording rather than tossing and purging!) I'm looking foward to rebuilding this space over the next month in anticipation of the next New Moon in February.

The other great thing about the purging of the boxes - was I came across notes from a creative writing course I took in 2000 - as I attempted to make contact with my muse again, after a very long and destructive drought. To my delight I had kept everything, including the notes on how to get published. Bingo!

There was one final thing to be grateful for today. I found a disc that looks like it has my missing short story on it. Just before my old computer died, I managed to get a disc into it and transfer some short stories from floppy disc (yes - so yesterday I know!) onto a memory stick. Now I fear that I cleared everything off that stick ... and was certain that the missing story was not on that stick. But anyway - I'm heartened that I might have "Hail Mary" back - after fearing it was gone.

So all in all, I quite liked Monday - and even better when its topped off with an episode of Dr Who before bed .... and well once I've posted this might pop out for a quick swim under the dark moon sky!


Paul said...

New or old Doctor Who? If it's the latest series with David Tennant, have you had the episode called "Blink" yet? If not, keep an eye out for it, it was one of the best things on television in the whole of last year.

Jodi Cleghorn said...

It was David Tennants first series as Dr Who. He remains my all time favourite Dr Who. We got series Two and Three for Chrismas - thank you Santa!

The 'Blink' episode was the one episode that we missed last year - and apparently was the most scarey, so was probably a good thing we missed it, as Dylan at three is already completely indocrinated in Dr Who ... if only I could answer half of the questions he asks ... and his memory - phew!

We're currently up to the last episode from Series Two when Rose gets stuck in the parallel world. I'm looking forward to the doco on the final disc which is all to do with the making of Dr Who.

d sinclair said...

thanks for the good pr Jodi :)

honestly, Mabel really DID want to come to you! We made a few, all different, and the girls kept asking who they were for - everytime I looked at her she seemed to say 'I'm for Jodi'. So there you have her!

congratulations on achieving your 'creative space' - its a good feeling isn't it? The first time I allowed myself to put aside 'real estate' for me and only me, I felt as Rich as Zeus. And I am :)

Catherine said...

I grew up in a world of unhot Dr Who, with flappy scarves that inspired lots of my peers to emulate...which was a bit of big ask in Subtropical queensland.

I think the main thing that I really liked from Dr Who then were the Daleks, lumbering across a black and white landscape toning, exterminate, well a lot. I realise there are classic Dr Who fans who would shun me for this...but hey I would of loved to edit Lord of the Rings too...such a philistine.

The last few seasons of Dr Who however, wow...the story lines are so snappy, with suspense and timing and wit.

Although my children indicated I would be getting some Dr Who for chrissie, this was overlooked in favour of girly stuff like hairstraighteners, and perfume.

However when I invest in a few Dr Who DVD's I will be making sure that Blink is in there then I may also have a house people other than family can stay proposed future sleepover Jodi with Dr Who-fest...and I also want the Mars thingo too (title eludes me at the moment but set in 1973 and the now)